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Why "Inner Teacher"

The name Inner Teacher Yoga & Coaching is inspired by the mantra "Om Namo Guru Dev Namo." This mantra honors the divine teacher that resides in each of us. It is about recognizing that within one's heart, you already have all you need. All of the strength, all of the wisdom, all of the love. When I began teaching yoga, this mantra really spoke to me. As a new teacher, I often wondered (I still do!) if I was good enough. If I knew enough. Coming back to this mantra over and over again, I remember that my role as a yoga teacher is to NOT worry about any of that. As a yoga teacher, I'm here to remind you that YOU are your best teacher. Yes, I will invite you into certain breath, certain physical positions, certain energetic and emotional exploration, and each time I do, I hope that you are listening first to the feelings in your own body and heart. I love it when I'm guiding a class through a sequence and one student has come to rest in child's pose and another is modifying poses, and another is doing something else entirely! I will hold the space, suggest a way to be in it, and support you as you practice listening to and trusting your Guru Dev.

(I love Snatam Kaur's version!)

One of my favorite places in the world to chant this, and any mantra-on the banks of Ma Ganga, just upstream of Rishikesh India.

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