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Prenatal Vinyasa Yin Restorative Mantra Meditation

We approach yoga from a perspective of wholeness, of abundance. Yoga isn't about being able to touch your toes, though it may help you do that someday. Yoga is about an awareness of the connection between mind, body, breath, and spirit. You already know how to do it..we'll just help you remember. We specialize in lunar practices like gentle flow, restorative, and yin. Perhaps our favorite way to teach a physical practice of yoga though is a prenatal style...whether you're pregnant or not, will or will never be, woman or man. Curious? Ask away! Meditation, mantra chanting, kirtan...yup, also favorites! 

"When taking class or working one on one with Jess, I felt the deep respect she has for each individual’s journey. She has been working on her personal practice for many years and offers so much insight on how to enjoy the roller coaster that is life. I not only felt physically safe during her classes, but also felt an immense amount of love and joy radiating from Jess when she is on her mat guiding others." -Tia

private yoga yin vinyasa meditation

Private or semi-private classes are a great way for beginners to learn at your own pace and for folks who want individual attention that a big class setting doesn’t offer to fine tune and go deeper with your own practice. 

$70 1 hour and 15 min, 1-2 people

Contact ITA to schedule

Yoga means union, so bring your group together to  build community and treat yourselves in the process. School groups, work teams, youth, teens, adults- ITA will bring you a fun and grounding bonding experience. 

$100 1 hour and 15 min, 3-10 people ($10 each person over 10)

Contact ITA to schedule

We believe that the healing power of yoga should be accessible to all. Inner Teacher Yoga/Coaching offers a sliding scale payment system for our friends who need it. Contact us for more information.

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