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This is Sisterhood

This is Sisterhood.

It is intimacy.

It is vulnerability.

It is connection.

It is support.

It is love.

It is joy.

This is magic.

Have you been so blessed/lucky/fortunate/humbled to have experienced this? When I first met the woman holding me in this photo, we were dancing in a cafe in Rishikesh with the tiny 5 year old mystic sister who runs the place and will someday run the world. It was Diwali, the celebration of light, the day when goodness over evil is celebrated. When love and devotion are central to the festivities. I knew quickly that friendship would only begin to describe what we have and that our connection was more ancient than I could imagine.

Experiencing prenatal YTT together, chai dates, roommate meals, cacao ceremonies, so many womxn’s circles, self-retreat birthday celebrations, music making sessions, belly bursting laughter explosions, cleansing and healing sob fests have solidified that this is one of my Anam Cara, an Irish term for Soul Teacher. She is my friend, my sister, my teacher.

And NOW, she is my co-facilitator! We are so excited to share Call of Kali and India with you! This is a retreat to India is for womxn who are hearing the call (even just a whisper at the door) of Sisterhood. For 11 nights/days, we will connect to each other, ourselves, our host country/people through ceremonies and rituals that include: holistic yoga practices (asana, meditation, etc), time in nature, song, dance, play, and pilgrimage.

But, who is Kali and why is she calling?! Kali one embodiment of the Divine Feminine in the Yogic tradition. Many know her as the ferocious, demon slaying Goddess with blood dripping from her tongue. And she is this...this warrior, this slayer of that does not serve us. She is also the ultimate nurturer and life giver. She is Ma, the Mother, the Divine. And she is calling us Sisters back to what we once knew...that our strength is soft and flowing and powerful and needed. Back to each other to love and support one another in our own demon slaying and truth nurturing. Whether we are talking about the Earth, Her people, or ourselves, the awakening to the Divine Feminine, to the Mother, to that energy and love that exists within each of us is important and needed.

So, my Loves, do you hear the call? Come with us to our Beloved Mother India, Ganga Ma, each other and yourself. Re-awaken, rediscover, reconnect. We’ll be there for you.

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