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"From the first moment of contact, Jess radiates gentleness, kindness, and understanding. She is peace. She so deeply understands what others need - a beautiful drawing to lift the spirit, a kind smile, or simple silence. She deeply listens--not to respond, but to understand others. She gives her heart to her students - I have been lucky enough to receive this gift, and I often think about how I can make my students feel the way she made me feel: cared for, deeply connected, understood, and perfect. She guides with gentleness, and a deep, deep awareness of herself and others. Taking a class from Jess, I felt as though she gently carried me - allowing me to have my own personal experiences to grow, all while supporting me with light, breath, and so much love. 
Jess holds scared space, and she opens her sacred space to anyone that needs it. She allows others to find breath, connection, and kindness. The weight of the world melts away in her company."-Lauren

Join us on the journey!






Through a variety of offerings, ITA is here to take your hand as you find your way on your path (back) to your own inner teacher.

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